Tc1000 ubuntu linux

images tc1000 ubuntu linux

Is there a way to test the pen? After installing Ubuntu Are you using Linux on your laptop and are you satisfied? How can I cure it? So far it runs better than Windows 7 Starter, and I have little issues with it having prior Linux experience for years. I figure I should share my experience with this as it is proving to be a fun project. In the software world, a lot can change in a very short time, and doing things this way makes it more likely that you will find the best information.

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  • [ubuntu] Compaq TC Karmic install [Archive] Ubuntu Forums

    Download TC Linux Tools for free. Support tools (e.g. pen calibration) for running Linux on an HP TC Tablet PC. With the contribution and wisdom of many talented people I have a fully functioning TC Karmic Tablet. I use Xournal for freehand notes. I had a TC a few years back. Lovely little machine.

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    I had Ubuntu working on it perfectly (it needed a tweak or two to get the stylus and.
    It can always be re-enabled by clicking on the network manager panel applet. The first is the ability to connect to wireless networks. Your username or email address: Do you already have an account?

    I reformatted my USB thumb drive and prepared it for the iso However, still having trouble with AutoRotate No mouse pointer, no response from the computer to any keys.

    images tc1000 ubuntu linux
    I keep hoping every update will contain the fix. Is linux more secure than windows.? I've run into some other issues in 9.

    Thank you so much for your patience!

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    Its currently running the install on battery power How can I cure it? I updated to the Beta 2 and then the Release Candidate and both worked for everything except the stylus.

    Ubuntu (incl. Xubuntu and Lubuntu) is a good distro, but I'd go with either Debian or Crunchbang myself. The latter is based on Debian, and is set up to use. I have a tc and have installed Ubuntu, PclinuxoS and various others.

    I find " pardus " to be the one I like. It finds everything out of the.

    images tc1000 ubuntu linux

    Windows: Download and unzip it into a directory of your choice. To start taking notes: double-click on jarnal or Pick up the stylus or.
    If you copied the xorg. If you do see the red "Compaq" on startup than the video hardware might be OK.

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    Currently running I've run into some other issues in 9. It even makes the Ubuntu drums noise. There are a few other features I've had to fill in due to using such a lightweight desktop. Have any of you tried lighter distros or even attempted to max the tc to 1GB per the links provided earlier in this thread?

    Installing Linux on HP/Compaq tc tablet PC

    images tc1000 ubuntu linux
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    Use Ubuntu at home 2 laptops and 1 netbook and work laptop. I had some problems with the video drivers but I got nv driver working pretty well might try to upgrade to noveau after I get the pen up.

    images tc1000 ubuntu linux

    Is it just a matter of having the right settings in xorg. So far so good.

    compaq tablet pc tc linux + old hardware = cool !

    The pretty silver chassis just adds insult to injury.

    linux + old hardware = cool! ubuntu netbook remix on hp tc tablet pc CET Domain HP Compaq Tablet PC TC TC TC This records my experience in using linux on a tc Any use you make of these.

    images tc1000 ubuntu linux

    It was based on that used by many on a TC The default screen layout. Hi, I'm running both Ubuntu and openSUSE on a Toshiba laptop. caleuche ( Compaq TC tablet): OpenBSD with Fluxbox, and a.
    I did not have a Xorg. Ubuntu Hopefully you guys still find interest in getting the tc working optimally. I find that epiphany-webkit handles quite nicely.

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    The security aspect is something im still grasping at the moment.

    images tc1000 ubuntu linux
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    I want to keep this thread active, because I've been searching for forums regarding Linux on these tablets, and there's not much out there.

    I never tried it with Ubuntu.

    Compaq TC Tablet on XP The Linux Community Forum

    It's most likely the same but I can't promise. My BIOS does not have an option. If anyone knows of a way to get it stuck in performance mode, I would love to hear.